New Zealand Residency - Welcome to Pacific & Global

New Zealand is a fantastic place to live, the climate is temperate, services are reliable, facilities are second to none and the education system is outstanding. We live here because we like it, and thousands of new arrivals gain New Zealand Residency and say the same thing, after all, being such a new country, just about everybody is only first or second generation.

New Zealand Residency entitles you to all that resident's and citizens are entitled to, with the exception of

  • Unemployment, welfare and student benefits for the first 2 years from their arrival date.
  • To travel on a New Zealand passport, until eligible under the Citizenship Act.
  • Some government agencies require all staff to be citizens.

Other than the above, as a Resident you will enjoy all other benefits and privileges that New Zealanders do. In particular, New Zealand Residency gives access to education and medical costs the same as citizens.

Migration consultants provide specialist services to individuals, businesses and investors who wish to gain New Zealand Residency. Our team of experienced New Zealand Residency experts can help and advise with all your immigration needs. We believe our success is based on the reputation we have for corporate integrity, the professional pride we take in our work, the quality and care we take in developing strategies, the long term relationships we have developed over the years and the consideration with which we treat our clients and service providers.

The company understands and is particularly empathetic to the rigours, uncertainty, frustrations and difficulties associated with securing New Zealand Residency or migration generally. Our company aim is to simplify the process for our migrants. Clients can be confident in the knowledge that our staff believe they are the best in the business.

In fact, we are so confident of producing a successful New Zealand residency outcome, we are prepared to offer a 70%(excluding Government fees and disbursements) refund if we are not successful (on a case by case basis).

With us, you (the client) have access to multilingual staff for ease of communication and translation, sound migration information, solid business and general resettlement advice; supported by a wealth of experience, sound research and expert opinion.