New Zealand Immigration Consultant - Welcome to Pacific & Global

The decision to migrate to another country will without doubt be a life changing one. Starting a new life thousands of miles away from home is an exciting if not daunting experience. A Licensed New Zealand immigration consultant can therefore ensure that eligible migrants are aware of government policy and are able to navigate the extremely complex, time consuming and ever changing regulations.

Although any person can prepare and submit their own work visa or permanent residency applications without a New Zealand immigration consultant, they should be aware that there are many risks involved in the process and there are no guarantees of success. A lLicensed New Zealand immigration consultant can help effect a quality outcome in an efficient and empathetic manner.

A successfully prepared application requires the full understanding of immigration law and the way policy is applied by the authorities. Every case is different and a Licensed New Zealand immigration consultant can advise and implement the most effective strategy for the migrant. Immigration applications that do not meet policy criteria, which are submitted or prepared incorrectly, will be declined.

A Licensed New Zealand immigration consultant will ensure applications are both prepared and submitted correctly and in line with current policy. In fact, we are so confident of producing a successful outcome with a New Zealand immigration consultant from Pacific & Global, we are prepared to offer a 70% (excluding Government fees and disbursements) refund if we are not successful (on a case by case basis).

The company understands and is particularly empathetic to the rigours, uncertainty, frustrations and difficulties associated with migration. Clients can be confident in the knowledge that our staff believe they are the best in the business. We are retained as advisor to a number of large corporate clients and  we are often asked for comment by the media on issues of governmental immigration policy when changes take place.

We also offer a job placement service in conjunction with permanent residence applications and we are always interested to hear from migrants who may not be interested in migrating permanently but are interested in working in New Zealand.

With us, you (the client) have access to multilingual staff for ease of communication and translation, sound migration information, solid business and general resettlement advice; supported by a wealth of experience, sound research and expert opinion.