Our Services - Comprehensive Migration Solutions

Assessment / Strategy

We, at Pacific & Global Consultants, consider ourselves a full service multi-disciplined practice. We are experienced in all facets of education, migration and business establishment in New Zealand.

When we receive your inquiry and assessment application we assess the most practical and cost-effective strategy to achieve your goal. This may be straightforward or may require the design of a multifaceted strategy.

We want to be successful; therefore we do not consider it ethical or good business practice to design strategies with little hope of success.

Job Placement

Pacific & Global has experienced job placement personnel plus relationships with specialist recruitment consultants, with an extensive range of contacts and database of employers looking for recruits ranging from labour based positions through to technical and professional positions. We specialize in placing migrants, whether part of a Permanent Residence application or a stand-alone Work Visa application.

In New Zealand, specific skill shortages can be constant; seasonal or driven by the ebb and flow of commercial supply and demand, therefore change is inevitable.  We advise inquiry at time of assessment application. There are special categories of temporary worker, which change from time to time, for example; sportsman, sports coaches, missionaries, seasonal workers (mainly fruit pickers, wine grape harvesters, fishing industry labourers, forestry workers etc). If you think you may fall into this category please request advice. If you are a labour agent in your home country please contact us.

Business Visas

this category has closed and will be replaced by a new poliocy in Feb 2014


Please refer above.
We have a database of investment opportunities and strong relationships within the business/investment community and are happy conduct due diligence, market research and a rigorous SWOT analysis and present recommendations/advice.

Temporary Visas

Pacific & Global is happy to process Temporary  Visas e.g. Student, Visitors, Limited Purposes Visas and Work Visas whether you outside New Zealand or within.


Pacific & Global have good relationships with all educational institutions in New Zealand, ranging from Primary School (5-12yrs) Secondary School (13- 17yrs) and Tertiary Institutions (University and Polytechnics) as well as English Language Schools and Specific Subject Schools (e.g. Massage, Naturopathy, Homeopathy etc.)
Pacific & Global have experienced educational placement personnel who have extensive knowledge of educational institutions, schools, costs, quality and educational outcomes of particular courses.If you are interested in education please contact us for a more detailed analysis of your situation.


Once we contract to take a case, unless advised otherwise, we are committed to the successful conclusion, which includes pursuing all available avenues including appeals. We are particularly well qualified as our personnel are legally trained and qualified therefore we have been very successful in the appeal process so far. We fully intend to maintain this record. You may be confident in the knowledge that we will do everything possible and pursue all avenues in order to conclude their case successfully.


Our fees change from case to case depending on the requirements and complexity. We will consider part payment on the signing of a contract and further progress payments during the course of the application processing.
We may also consider financing the migration process or alternatively, some kind of time payment schedule. Fees and payment schedules should be discussed with your consultant.


Pacific & Global are always interested in making contact with people/companies interested in forming an agency/partner business relationship with us and are happy to discuss terms and conditions for such a relationship.
We love referrals.