Business Opportunities - Overview

New Zealand's economy is based on primary industry and export orientated. Most business and investment opportunities are represented here and overseas investment controls, although they do exist, are not that rigorous or onerous.

New Zealand has developed a reputation for innovation and problem-solving with more and more multinationals developing relationships with local designers, manufacturers, service providers and technicians to utilize our expertise, weak dollar and educated skill base.

Some recent examples of big projects being developed are the "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy and our booming boat building industry which has grown out of our having won the last 2 Americas Cup Challenges.

New Zealand is becoming the destination of choice for numerous overseas film production studios, not the least being Bollywood and Hollywood. The advantages we have in this area are a stable political climate, spectacular scenery, a weak dollar and experienced hard working, non unionized production staff.

Every type of business opportunity is represented here, and in some circumstances the Government will provide assistance by way of development funding and tax breaks providing certain criteria are met. The Government has established various agencies which are easily accessible, whose sole purpose is to assist in establishing export based business and assist in finding markets.

Pacific & Global have assisted many many migrants in either establishing or buying into existing businesses. Virtually every conceivable opportunity is represented here and the only limitation is the past business experience of the applicants.

The opportunities are too numerous to mention and of course, change daily. If you have a particular interest, make that clear in your application for assessment and we will provide reference materials and opinions on the particular project.