New Zealand Work Visa - Welcome to Pacific & Global

 A New Zealand work visa is required to allow the holder to work legally for an employer for a period of up to 30 months. This takes the form of an endorsement in your passport and will state both the expiry date and conditions of the New Zealand work visa. These conditions may also state the employer's name and location, the type of work allowed to be undertaken and any other terms relevant to the issue of the permit by the immigration authorities.

Depending on circumstances, obtaining a New Zealand work visa can be difficult and each year our specialist immigration services successfully help many individuals and businesses in securing a New Zealand work permit. Our experienced immigration consultants can help and advise with all your migration needs. We believe our success is based on the reputation we have for corporate integrity, the professional pride we take in our work, the quality and care we take in developing strategies, the long term relationships we have developed over the years and the consideration with which we treat our clients and service providers.

The company understands and is particularly empathetic to the rigours, uncertainty, frustrations and difficulties associated with securing a New Zealand work permit and migration generally. Our company aim is to simplify the process of obtaining a New Zealand work permit for our clients. You can be confident in the knowledge that our staff believe they are the best in the business.

We are also very experienced in the area of recruitment and have a strong, nation-wide job placement programme, supported by very experienced personnel who are always looking for clients with specialist skills. Our business services are able to assist migrants with obtaining a New Zealand work permit to enable the establishment or purchase of an existing business.

With Pacific & Global, you (the client) have access to multilingual staff for ease of communication and translation, sound migration information, solid business and general resettlement advice; supported by a wealth of experience, sound research and expert opinion.