We confirm that we have known Russell Page an immigration consultant of Pacific & Global Consultants, Auckland since 2006.

As a new immigrant we had approached Mr Russell and requested him to apply for permanent residency for us under the Skilled Migrant policy. We were very impressed with Mr Russell's, honesty, work ethics, and reliability.

Since the day we had known Mr Russell, we had happily recommended him to many of our friends and we will be confidently recommending Mr Russell as a reliable, peace-loving, courteous, and to be helpful as possible, immigration consultant, in future as well.

We would continue on with more glowing accounts of Mr Russell, but instead will simply say that we really do think the world of him and respect him greatly.

We are happy to provide further information if required.


Mr Imran Akram & Mrs. Kimiko Nibe

It is my pleasure to recommend Russell Page and his company Pacific and Global Consultants for any immigration process with the New Zealand government.

Mr. Page, was up front and honest in every single step that my wife and I followed during the  process  of  getting,  first  our  working  permit  and  working  visa  and  later  on  our permanent residence.

Mr. Page was also very clear about the documentation we had to provide, effective in the whole immigration process, we were really happy with his advice and the way he handled our case.

I recommend Mr. Page without reservations. I am confident he and his company are highly qualify to handle any immigration process.

wmb oliva




My first made contact with Russell Page of Pacific and Global consultants was in February 2005. This was as a result of an ad placed in the local newspaper (the Sunday Tribune) in Durban South Africa .

From Russell's replies to my queries on immigration etc I felt he was very honest and genuine so after discussions with my family we decided to use Russell Page as our Immigration agent to handle all aspects of migration for us. He handled all the steps of the process within the times that were conveyed to us.

He was very  professional in his job and we couldn't have asked for a nicer person to deal with such an important step in our lives.

As promised he gave us credit to help with the transition period. This meant alot to us at the time. In addition to the above he assisted me in finding a job here in New Zealand, again was greatly appreciated .

I have recommended his services to at least four other families including my sister and her husband. He handles every case with integrity and in the same manner as mine was handled.

I have been here over 5 years now and have been in my current job for over 5 of those years.  We as a family are very happy here in New Zealand and were very pleased that we migrated here and used Pacific and Global as our consultants, in particular Russell Page.

l have no hesitation in recommending Russell Page of Pacific and Global to anyone who needs this type of service.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any aspect of this reference

Patrick Counihan

I knew there was a reason that on a recent INZ survey sent to us, we gave 'our immigration advisor' a full five star rating!!
This is fantastic news and takes several million tons off our shoulders.

Russell -thanks' for all your hard work and dedication. Without you we would have floundered, especially with the constant demands for proof, proof and more proof. Without your case management and interface with INZ we would still be scratching our heads and no further forward. You've definitely earned your fees on this one.
I'm in very good health by the way!

Jane and I very much appreciate all that you have done for us and of course we will be recommending your services wherever we can.

Christopher Bailey and Jane Caunter

I Denis Chinyanta would like to state that I started dealing with Mr Russell Martin Page in 2002. I was in South Africa (although I am Zambian) and contacted him about migrating to New Zealand .

I was given all the information and guidance I needed to migrate to New Zealand .

Mr Russell Page arranged various job interviews for me and upon my arrival in New Zealand , Russell arranged accommodation for me and took me to an interview with Gough's Caterpillar and I was offered employment by them , as a heavy diesel mechanic.

Russell then arranged my Work Permit and I started working for them . Initially I had a cash flow issue and Russell was kind enough to lend me $200 to help me out.

After working for 6 months Mr Page guided me on how to obtain Permanent Residence under the Skilled Migrant Category which I obtained in 2005.

At the end of it all the fees I was charged for the services he provided was reasonably very fair and have and will continue to recommend Mr Russell Martin Page to anyone who may require his services or the services of Pacific and Global Consultants .

Russell delivered everything he promised originally when I was still in South Africa about what he could personally (re: his services) offer me and also about what New Zealand could offer me and has always been honest and reliable with me.

I have a very good job with opportunity for advancement (not possible in SA) , I am in a de facto relationship and have a little Kiwi son, I am very happy with Pacific and Global and am also happy to call New Zealand home.

If you may require any further information please contact me.

Denis Chinyanta

I have known inunigrtio Russell Page, (from Pacific and Global) for approximately six years, during which he has assisted me on a number of matters .

I have found him to h e a highly professional approach to his work. He was efficient and supportive and very reliable. He was always upfront and never promised what he could not deliver. While acting for me, he was always contactable and approached his work with a high a degree of responsibillty.

In my own opinion, I have found him to be a very honest person with strong ethics.

Overall I was very impressed with his work . I have recommended him to several of my friends who were all very satisfied, and I have no reservations about using his services in the future myself or recommending him to anyone else.

Yuliya Batusova

I George Robert VanWyk , a South African citizen, first became aware of Pacific and Global Consultants through and ad I saw in the Daily News newspaper in South Afr ica in 2006 offering opportunities of employment and migration to New Zealand .

I am a tradesman Gravure printer, and at the time I was unemployed because my employer, Thuthuka Packaging, had closed down and I could not find work and my personal life was in disarray . I was unemployed for 9m when I saw the ad.

I contacted Russell Page, who arranged for me to come to New Zealand and he arranged a job for me with one of the few Gravure printers (GPL) in New Zealand, in Wellington .

As I had been unemployed for a long time and had no money, he assisted me with the money for the airfare.

He arranged for me to go to Wellington and also a work permit for me and I started work. I moved back to Auckland for a better position with Huhtamaki Packaging in New Lynn, Auckland, as a gravure printer.  Russell arranged the transfer of my Work Permit to allow me to work for them.

In the meantime He assisted me to apply for Permanent Residence which was granted in November 2008 .

I am now a shift leader, managing 2 high-speed, multi web gravure printers and a laminator with in-line lamination units.

In addition I also manage 8 staff. I have gone in 4 years from a bad divorce and being unemployed in SA with no prospects to a full blown career with a great company and a wonderful partner.  I love this place and appreciate everything Russell has done for me as without him none of this would have happened .

I am in a de facto relationship with a South African lady I met at Church here in New Zealand in September 2007, and we got engaged in February 2010 and we are very happy.

All this would not have happened if I had remained in South Africa and the journey I have traveled since first contacting Russell has been fantastic.

George Van Wyk

I sincerely  vouch  for  the friendly, reliable and efficient services provided  by  Russell Page  on  immigration matters. He found me employment  and  arranged a Work Permit for me in 2008. Then in 2009 my rejected  application  for  Work  Permit  and disregarded request  for  review by NZIS were very systematically and tactfully handled by him and his staff (now recognized as Pacific & Global consultants). My sincere thanks to both - I have been granted the Work Permit in 2009.

Savita Kiran

I wanted to add some feedback on the service I received from Pacific & Global that were located at Level 2/98 Anzac Avenue, Auckland. I was referred to Russell at Pacific & Giobal by a family friend who has dealt with them in the past and had a good experience.

Russell explained the process to me very clearly and in a very honest way making it clear from the get go whether I would be able to able to apply for Permanent residency or not. I appreciated the open and honest way things were handled as it made it so much easier for me to decide to use Pacific & Giobal services. I believe my application was handled in a timely manner by them receiving updates when the next phase of the application has been reached and I'm required to see them.

My over all experience with Pacific & Giobal has been very good and I would recommend them to others should they need the services of a professional and honest immigration consultant.

Werner Lubbe

Russell and anyone this may concern

Thank you for the successful help with my work visa and application of for permanent residency . After my failure with my previous residency application with another agency . You provided a great professional service and provided effective advice. Thank you for the successful support and success
in my residency status . I highly recommend your top support to anyone who needs an agent in these matters.

Warinthon Wiangosot (Mew)

We first contacted Russell Page of Pacific & Global in 2003 to seek advice on the residency application process.  Subsequently we employed him as our Immigration Consultant in November 2004.

Mr Page handled our application for Work Permits as well as our Residence Permits.  He kept us updated on the progress of our applications and advised us with honesty and integrity, which resulted in a successful outcomes for both applications.   He also advised us about all payments and application fees to be made and these were properly receipted and managed.

We are very happy with the service provided by Mr Page and have no hesitation in recommending Pacific & Global Consultants.

Andrew Leonard

Russell Page was my immigration adviser for my residency visa application .

I have no hesitancy in recommending Russell as an immigration affairs adviser.
Since the beginning he was an energetic and goal-oriented person that enthusiastically and efficiently directed us through the application process with a professional but also with an empathetic approach.

Andrea Munita